Total deposited $1,887.00
Total withdraw $430.00

Company's news

Changes in conditions
Nov 28, 2018 11:32:51 AM
The turnover of our company has reached almost 2 million dollars.
Based on the work done, we introduce several changes:
- the abolition of deposits to $ 100 with daily payments (not a popular tariff plan, which was needed to test our system, the stage is passed)
- Some limits of the amounts in the tariff plans will be increased
- exchange between payment systems inside the account will be available

Ve changes will take effect within a week (all operating deposits will work as expected).

Details and clarifications will be laid out on the site, watch for the naves.

Today we announce our official opening
Nov 28, 2018 09:32:51 AM
Hello, today we announce our official opening. All of our regular and new customers can now work through our new site, which is fully automated for convenience. To promote our company, we introduce a 5% partner bonus. It will serve as an additional incentive for our customers. We also begin to cooperate with authoritative resources, if you are a representative of such, please contact the management, we are open to suggestions.